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Web Animation Tools

Students will select a character from a fiction book from the Media Center collection and use Voki to convey the character’s personality and story. Students will customize their voki’s appearance and voice to resemble the character and reveal enough of the story to make others want to read the featured book.


Using the book Cinder by Marissa Meyer, the Media Coordinator will demonstrate the use of Voki to create a short booktalk. (__Cinder__ voki)
students will:
1.Analyze a character of their chosen book.
2.Portray the character creatively and concisely in appearance and in speech.
3. Write a brief summary of the plot.

1. Voki
2. Laptop
3.Microphone or other recording device.
4. Fiction book

from Learn NC lesson (see email folder) 7065 Voki Intro
This assignment is designed to help you become familiar with the online tool "Voki". You will be graded on following directions and completing the assignment, not on assignment content. However, mastering this assignment will prepare you for the assignment at the end of this module which will be graded on content.
!. Go to the Voki Web site
2. Sign up for a free member account. (Do not use your full name or your NC Wise number as your user name.)
3. Record and remember your user name and password SOMEWHERE. You will need to come back to it and "I don't remember my password" does not excuse you from an assignment.
4. Explore the site and then create a Voki personality for yourself. Use your personality to introduce yourself. (Do not use both your first and last name -- remember this is out there on the Web!).
5. Email me the link to your Voki.

digital booktalk stuff

Book displays with bookmarks and synopses should be complete.

Write script for digitial booktalk. Submit script for approval. Then film yourself or get a classmate to film you delivering the book talk.

Required Elements:
  • Author, title
  • Setting
  • Main characters
  • Climax
  • Theme
  • Why other students may or may not like this book.
You may like to see: How to Make a Book Talk for School
How to Write a Good Book Talk
How to Make a Book Talk
Book Talks Quick and Simple

Continue with your book talks 3 ways.

Finish your bookmarks and put up your genre display.

Write the script for your digital booktalk. Save in pdf and attach to your page.

Book Display Suggestions

Book Display LiveBinder

Book Trailers Lesson Plan Template/New Hanover Co. LaGarde

Book Review and Book Display-

Watch this: How to Make a Book Trailer Printable instructions for book trailer Squidoo Book Trailers
Stories from the Cloud Book talk an elementary school book

1) Create a review of one book in 3 different formats. Get your book choice approved. Examples can be found at: teacher librarian ning.
a) Look under the Book Tab in the AHS Library Media Center LiveBinderon the main library page for more Book Talks and reviews.
b) Formats may include: Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Prezi or Glogster. If you copy pictures or information,
your sites must be appropriately cited. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.
c) Once created, put your reviews on your main page in the wiki.

2) Create bookmarks and a book display for 3 books in one genre.
a) After approval, print them and cut them. Use them to create a book display of one of the following genres: historical fiction, biography, mystery, graphic novel, poetry or teen fiction.
b) Include a synopsis of the 3 books in your display

a. Be sure to include an eye-catching genre heading and some realia in your display.
b. Post a picture of your display on your main page.

Coming up next:

video yourself talking about a book. Create a storyboard or write a script for your talk BEFORE you film.


Go to the AHS LiveBinder. Look under the Book tab and find the book trailers. Watch them and begin to plan the books you want to make trailers for. 3 books, 3 different kinds of trailers.
Watch this: How to Make a Book Trailer

Create a Book Shelf - Week of April 16

Create a shelf in one genre and create a display with realia (see pictures below).

Your shelf should include FIVE BOOKS of the same GENRE.

Your display should include REALIA and THREE BOOKMARKS that you have made yourself. (ORIGINALITY COUNTS!)

  • Select five books in the genre and make a bookmark for three of the books.
  • Save on your wiki page. We will print Friday. Here are examples from last year's assistants. More examples below.
Genre choices:
  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Romance*
  4. Chick Lit*
  5. Mystery
  6. Supernatural
  7. Science Fiction
  8. Steampunk
  9. Historical
  10. Urban
Have a better idea? Ask!

‍(*no more than one per period)

Photograph your display and post it on your wiki page.
Make a "poster" to celebrate School Library Month. Use PowerPoint. Save on your page. Due Wed., April 20. We will use the best slides on announcements next week, and print them all to put on display.





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