Link to Moodle. Check this page DAILY for updates on assignments.

Exhibit professionalism and good etiquette at all times.

Work daily to straighten and organize your assigned areas. Clean or dust as needed.

Refer to your **Daily Checklist for Media Assistants**to determine your priorities:

1. Library work, shelving. Perform general media tasks such as circulation, cataloging, processing, weeding, and housekeeping.

2. Assigned work (wiki work) and Journals (including material review, book annotations, updates for web pages and reflections on assignments.)

3. Work for other classes, free reading AFTER LIBRARY WORK IS FINISHED.

Assigned Areas for Shelf Reading - Mary, Carmen, Trystan, Maria, Fernando, Justin, Daylon, Tania, LaShonda, Sandra, Tyeisha

1st - Fiction Range 1- Mary, Range 2- Carmen

Non-Fiction 001- 341.99, including REFERENCE

2nd Fiction Range 3 - Trystan, Range 4 - Maria

Non-Fiction 342-599.9 including REFERENCE

3rd Fernando - Range 5, Justin Range 6, Daylon Shelves 31-35

Non-Fiction 600 - 699.99, including REFERENCE

4th Tania Shelves 36-40, Shonda Shelves 41-45,Sandra Shelves 46-50, Tyeisha 51-54

700-999, including REFERENCE

You will lose points on your daily grade if you do not keep your shelves in order.
A separate weekly grade will be taken for shelving.

Books not straight, at front of shelf -10 points off
Reference mixed in -10 points off
Stray books-10 points off
Out of Dewey (or fiction by author )order - up to 10 points off

Dust, move all books to the front of the shelf and stand them up straight. Books that are too tall should be placed with the spine facing up.
Then begin to put them in correct order. You may use your laptop to access the catalog if you want to check yourself.
Reference books belong on the bottom shelves!

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