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Hi all,
Don’t forget to add any ideas/brainstorms you may have for our group’s work to the “bounce card” on or before next Tuesday, October 9. Just add any literacy ideas you have come up with since our meeting.

Walker has agreed to find the literacy highlight for next week’s blog post. There are openings for the two weeks after that. Click here to view the calendar. We are just looking for a tip you have found from your own research or you can highlight something that is going on within your class, department, or any other colleague dealing with literacy (reading, writing, thinking, speaking, listening). You can type directly in the calendar or, if you prefer, you can email me and I’ll add you.

Chandra Manning, NBCT
Asheboro City Schools
Secondary Literacy Lead Teacher

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Comets Get Connected
Comets Get Connected

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What Type of Learner Are You?
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The best laid plans . . .! This screenshot is off my laptop. I did ScreencastO-Matic at Friday Institute with the laptop, but I could not get it to start up here at home. So here is my silent version, with link to script. I'll try again at school tomorrow.