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Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
Digital Access
Digital Commerce
Digital Communication
DIgital Literacy
Digital Etiquette
Digital Law
Digital Rights & Responsibilities
Digital Health & Wellnes
Digital Security (Self-Protection)

Social Bookmarking : a community of users compiles an index by collectively submitting their favorite sites, and then tags them so that they'll turn up when you search. With social bookmarking, you'll learn how popular a Web site is and get only results you know other users find useful or interesting.
-Delicious : A widely regarded as a premier destination for social bookmarking. When you search for a keyword, you'll get a list of Web sites that match the term.
-Reddit's : “What’s new and popular online,” so it’s a good place to keep up on the latest developments.
-Stumbleupon : Is a bookmarking site that was purchased by online giant eBay in March 2007. Take
-DiIgo : High quality site and is good for research and information.
-DIgg : At Digg you'll find a community of dedicated users who submit and rate (or digg) news stories, videos, photos and Web sites
-Newsvine : Is a community-driven news and opinion site where stories are submitted and voted on by users to determine their rank and place on the site.
  • iCyte- Similar to Diigo w/ the ability to annotate and then share or embed into a site.
  • Rooh.It- A great way to highlight content on the web and then share w/ others and add comments!
  • Digg- A popular way to bookmark w/ the ability to share w/ others, comment, and even generate a widget for a website.
  • Trailmeme- An innovative site w/ a beautiful user interface for annotating web content and generating a unique user interface/path to follow.
  • Jog the Web- Similar to Trailmeme and very user friendly (nice Web 2.0 jogs to follow!!).
  • Pinboard- A very simple site to bookmark w/out all of the clutter that some of the more popular sites have. Also, works well w/ mobile devices!!
  • School Noodle- A great way for teachers to bookmarks sites and then share these resources w/ other educators!!
  • Krunchd - A nice way to take a collection of sites and create one unique URL for all of them

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