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My name is eragon and im a dragon rider. I am on my way to defeat the evil king galbatorix who is also a rider he brought down the dragon riders who were protecters of the land. I am the Leader of the varden which is a rebal group that has gone to all out war against him. the former leader was kiddnapped and now i don't know what to do and i don't think im powerful enough to beat galbatorix. i hope it doesn't end badly.

Digital citizenship is using the internet responsibly.
9 Themes of Digital citizenship:
1. Digital access
2. digital commerce
3. digital communication
4.digital literacy
5. digital etiquette
6. Digital law
7. digital rights & responsiblities
8. digital health and wellness
9. digital security

Summary: the process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology. how you do it, and how much you know about it. the higher your digital literacy the more you understand it.if you have a high digital literacy you can teach people about technology or the area you are efficient in.
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Stumble upon Website

Social bookmarking allows a community of users to compile an index by submitting their favorite sites, then assigns the site a set of keywords so they will show up when you search them.

Delicious is one of the most popular sites for social bookmarking. Reddit helps determine whats new and popular online. Stumbleupon is site that was purchased by eBay that helps you look at things people have tagged. Diigo doesn't have a user basew that make delicious such a quality tool but there are a lot of bookmarks on this site to help in your research it has won several awards for its research capabilities.
  1. iCyte - Similar to Diigo w/ the ability to annotate and then share or embed into a site.
  2. Rooh.It - A great way to highlight content on the web and then share w/ others and add comments!
  3. Digg - A popular way to bookmark w/ the ability to share w/ others, comment, and even generate a widget for a website.
  4. Trailmeme - An innovative site w/ a beautiful user interface for annotating web content and generating a unique user interface/path to follow.
  5. Jog the Web - Similar to Trailmeme and very user friendly (nice Web 2.0 jogs to follow!!).
  6. Pinboard - A very simple site to bookmark w/out all of the clutter that some of the more popular sites have. Also, works well w/ mobile devices!!
  7. School Noodle - A great way for teachers to bookmarks sites and then share these resources w/ other educators!!
  8. Krunchd - A nice way to take a collection of sites and create one unique URL for all of them.