Digital Responsibility: we need to think before putting thing on online. People put thing that other people don’t want to know or see like picture, documents, videos, and many other forms of personal items. . Talk about people that you dislike that not right, that is online bullying, for bullying a person online can cause lot problems , case of bullying policy take care of it they even put on jail. Watch out with personal information don’t put any were online people will try to steal your person information and they can harm you as get credit card, open bank account, steal your identity. Be careful what you but on internet be responsible for action you on online. Remember what you put on online never go away.
Digital Responsibilities: Be responble what you but online.
  1. Digital Access
  2. Digital Commerce
  3. Digital Communication
  4. Digital Literacy
  5. Digital Etiquette
  6. Digital Law
  7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities
  8. Digital Health & Wellness
  9. Digital Security (self-protection)
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  • premiere: one of ther first and widely to be worldy
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  1. iCyte- Similar to Diigo w/ the ability to annotate and then share or embed into a site.
  2. Rooh.It- A great way to highlight content on the web and then share w/ others and add comments!
  3. Digg- A popular way to bookmarkw/ the ability to share w/ others, comment, and even generate a widget for a website.
  4. Trailmeme- An innovative site w/ a beautiful user interface for annotating web content and generating a unique user interface/path to follow.
  5. Jog the Web- Similar to Trailmeme and very user friendly (nice Web 2.0 jogs to follow!!).
  6. Pinboard- A very simple site to bookmark w/out all of the clutter that some of the more popular sites have. Also, works well w/ mobiledevices!!
  7. School Noodle- A great way for teachers to bookmarks sites and then share these resources w/ other educators!!
  8. Krunchd - A nice way to take a collection of sites and create one unique URL for all of them.