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The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship...
  • Digital Access - full electronic participation in society

  • Digital Commerce - electronic buying and selling of goods

  • Digital Communication - electronic exchange of information

  • Digital Literacy - process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology

  • Digital Etiquette - electronic standards of conduct of procedure

  • Digital Law - electronic responsibility for actions or deeds

  • Digital Rights and Responsibilities - freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world

  • Digital Health and Wellness - physical and psychological well-being in a technological world
  • Digital Security (Self-protection) - electronic precautions to guarantee safety

Digital Citizenship - the norms of appropriate or responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

Digital Access

Digital Access is the constant access to sites on the internet and the ability for anyone and everyone to be able to access it. Any exclusion on the web will fail to promote the growth of the internet and that certain website in general. So, the inability for certain people to access pages will break the digital access rule because anyone deserves the right to access what they wish on the internet that was originally designed to connect the world.1st Mary

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