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The appropriate way to and responsibility as well as behavior regarding technology use.
1. Digital Access
2. Digital Commerce
3. Digital Communication
4. Digital Literacy
5. Digital Etiquette
6. Digital Law
7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities
8. Digital Health & Wellness
9. Digital Security( self-protection)

2. Digital Commerce
As technology becomes the support for trading and selling online and new market it being used. But most of this is legal exchanges that are occurring but also both parties need to be aware of the issues that associate with this issue. But this new market online is very good in time saving and the ability to buy something quickly. But as somethings are always used for good or bad the problem with this people use the technology to download illegal music and movies and then selling them on the street. As well as gambling and the sharing of pornography that is against the law if it refers to children.
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